Our Vipassana sangha, in the Forest Monastery tradition, practices mindful awareness within the awesome beauty of nature.  We practice being in the moment, in bare receptivity to all that arises, as we kayak in Noble Silence at sunset/moonrise on the Russian River, hike mindfully along a redwood canyon, or meditate beside a rushing sun-sparkled creek.

We practice in harmony with the elements as we experience them both in the natural world around us, as well as within the inner aliveness of our bodies. Practicing Bare Receptivity, we open to each moment's touch of sensation (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting) without clinging or aversion. We discover the stillness within nature is reflected in the stillness of a quiet mind, where insight arises into our True Nature, and we begin to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of our fixed ideas. Just as the waters are ever-changing, as the trees and plants dance with the air element of wind, or as the sun appears and disappears through the clouds and coastal fog, we cultivate our awareness of impermanence, which is reflected in our constantly changing thoughts and feelings, and the arising and dissolving away of all conditioned forms.  We practice surrender to each unique moment as it is unfolding, without clinging to any particular object, thought, or sensation--allowing all to arise and pass away within the field of our non-judging awareness.

DharmaCreek Sangha currently offers one weekend sunset/moonrise kayak retreat each month, weather permitting.  The sangha is located on 200+ acres of beautiful land which is available for guided or solo private retreats, and for use by other spiritual groups upon request.

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